Anaganaga O Premakatha 2018

Anaganaga O Premakatha is an upcoming Telugu movie scheduled to be released on 14 Dec, 2018. The movie is directed by Pratap Tatamsetti and will feature Riddhi Kumar and Ashwin J Viraj as lead characters.

A Stolen Life 2018

Based on a true story. Flashbacks into the past. Mrs Chen is facing labor difficulties while giving birth to her twin daughter. However, these pair of twins had been diagnosed as dead by the doctor months ago. This kept Old Mrs Chen suspicious on whether her son, Mr Chen did something to bring the lives back. Chen Mo grew up normally in the family, but constantly has visuals of another twin sister in her mind. Chen Mo’s boyfriend, Ao Yang proposes to her but he realizes that she does not seem very happy and there are many secrets untold…

Performance Live: LOVE 2018

National Theatre's artist-in-residence Alexander Zeldin's story of families brought together and placed in temporary accommodation in the run-up to Christmas.

The Code 2018

"The Code" describes what has been done in the area of international justice and what can be done. This documentary portrays a proactive proposition through the laws to put limits to the impunity of economic and environmental crimes.

Verdi: La Traviata 2018

A tragic story of love and society ramped up to fever pitch by Verdi, La Traviata (literally the “the woman who strayed”) is one of the most popular works in the entire history of opera. This new production features Jérémie Rhorer, conducting his ensemble Le Cercle de l’Harmonie, who has decided to perform Verdi’s work - probably for the first time in Paris - in the original 432 Hz tuning in which it was composed and which Verdi consistently proclaimed was its “natural harmony”. The cast assembled here brings together the pick of the talented crop of “thirty-something” French singers which has blossomed in recent seasons. British director Deborah Warner, who is steeped in Shakespearian theatre tradition which is unrivalled for its exploration of the world of passions, treachery and the whole gamut of human situations, stages this production.

limerence for a lantern 2018

A boy walks around his town unable to enjoy its beauty, only to be captivated by a lantern, leading him down a path of self destruction and regret.

If All That Changes Quickly 2018

In an age of collective anxiety around issues of safety – be it global, national, or personal –we are interested in the ways in which different practices of resilience change environments, create subjects, unlink temporalities, and redefine relations of security and insecurity. As populist political rhetoric across Europe and North America expresses this in increasingly reactionary ways, often articulated in relation to threats created by other people, what is the relationship to earlier, more fundamental issues of safety that are managed more quietly and bureaucratically?

Kahit Ayaw Mo Na 2018

Joey, a fashion designer, Mikee, a food and travel vlogger, and Ally, an aspiring composer cross their paths in Samar. What seemed to be an ordinary trip for Joey and Mikee turned out to be something more than they presume.

Climate Warriors 2018

CLIMATE WARRIORS gives a voice to people acting for change. American activists, celebrities and German energy inventors, investors and political activists all drive towards the same goal: saving our world and keeping peace.

Tusuk Jelangkung 2018

Taman Lubang Buaya, which is famous because of its creepiness has been choosen for the next vlogging location. Out of the plan, Sisi dissapeared after "Calling" an evil spirit for being famous on social media. Can Sisi finally espace?

Getting Even 2018

Kasra moves back to his own country after years with a strange plan to build his future. He finds Mohsen, a go-between guy to help him, and meets Mahsa; and old love who has a thirst to move out of country. They find Reza as the only who could make the plan happens. But something very strange push them to change their plan which concludes completely different ending.

Cotton Candy 2018

Grandmother while watching the performance, she first time gets into the dialogue with herself, before the moment she did not have time. After entering the dialogue with herself, it is a dangerous dialogue as psychologically it will form a some kind of a conflict. The conflict might expose outside or might stay inside in the interior. During the circus performance grandmother goes through the rite of passage.